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3. Molded prototype

Assemble the molded prototype at the trial line with actual jigs and
mass production process for the evaluation.

1) Drop impact test

2) Fatigue strength test

3) Water leakage and operation fatigue test on the assembled prototype
under the required water pressure conditions made by the specific
testing machine/facilities.

4) Field test in the sea for the mechanical evaluation but also
operation feeling, grip feeling and etc by the actual photo/movie taking.

Waterproofing examination facilities for mass productions
Water pressure Tester
Air - leak Inspection machine

Main evaluation facilities

Continuous operation testing machine
Water pressure Tester
Splashproof tester
3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
3D Scanner (ATOS)
Tensile / Compression tester
Air - leak Tester
High temperature and high humidity chamber
Friction tes

Other mass production facilities
Assembly jig
Automatic bonding machine
Ultrasonic welding machine
Heat welding machine